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Louis Armstrong attentif aux nouveaux talents

Louis Armstrong (La Nouvelle-Orleans, 1901/1971)
Trompettiste de jazz américain.

Type de document : lettre autographe signée

Nb documents : 1 - Nb pages : 1 p. - Format : In-4

Lieu : Las Vegas

Date : 12/09/1970

Destinataire : Danny J. Kruslatz

Etat : bon

Description :

Louis Armstrong, en tournée à Las Vegas après avoir triomphé à l’Empire Room du Waldorf Astoria, répond à un musicien qui lui a adressé ses compositions.

"I've received your record and will give it a big listening to when I return back home in Corona N.Y. I only have my portable Tape Recorder with me, on this trip, witch is only a two weeks' engagement. I can't play the Record of yours' otherwise - elsewhere because, right now, I am as busy (?) as a Cat on a Tin Roof [...]. I can relax at home an lend all ears to your platter. One too many sweet hearts' it sounds like a good one already [...]".

Lettre rédigée au dos d'un programme d'Armstrong : "Lose weight, The Satchmo Way! As copied from the Harpers Bazaar - by Louis Armstrong".