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L’historien américain George Bancroft regrette le départ d’un diplomate.

George Bancroft (Worcester (Massachusetts), 1800/1891)
Historien et homme politique américain, fondateur de l'Académie navale américaine, il est l'auteur de History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent.

Type de document : lettre autographe signée

Nb documents : 1 - Nb pages : 3 - Format : In-8

Lieu : Washington

Date : 01/06/1882

Destinataire : Mrs Russell

Etat : bon

Description :

George Bancroft se dit très chagriné par le départ du diplomate français Outrey et surtout de son épouse. "I had locked upon it as one of the happiest events when she & her husband came to live in the city [...]. Mr Outrey has won universal good will & stood in public opinion at the head of the diplomatic corps in Washington. He was the favorite of everybody in society [...] ; and he was in every way most acceptable to the state department and to the successive presidents. In the social world he had no one superior to himself in the cordial & most hospitable manner in which he received his friends, and as to dear Helen she had no equal for position, manner, grace & culture [...]. As to Helen, she is as the dove that went out [...]".
[Le diplomate Ange-Maxime Outrey (né en 1822), fut ministre de France à Washington à partir de 1878. Mme Outrey composait des mélodies].


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