REF: 10195

L’anarchiste russe Piotr Kropotkine prend du retard dans son courrier.

Piotr Kropotkine (Moscou, 1842/1921)
Anarchiste russe.

Type de document : lettre autographe signée

Nb documents : 1 - Nb pages : 1 - Format : In-8

Lieu : [Londres]

Date : 04/04/1898

Destinataire : Henry Tozer (1829/1915), économiste anglais.

Etat : bon

Description :

« Dear Mr Tozer, To do things late is very bad, still people say it is better than never. So I send you this letter which laid I don't know how many days on my table as I could not find your address. At last I find Rose's address & send this letter with many many apologies. Your sincerely. P. Kropotkine »

Avec enveloppe.